Payment Methods

Payment Gateway includes the following payment methods:

  • NeoX wallet

  • Domestic card/International card

  • Bank transfer.

1. NeoX Wallet

Customers can pay retailers utilizing QR code payments by simply scanning created QR codes on NeoX App.

2. Domestic card/International card

Local ATM card transactions are handled by NeoX through direct connection with Top 10 Banks in Vietnam and NAPAS.

3. Bank transfer

QR Code payment method using Mobile Banking application applies the latest financial solutions of banks in 2022. Outstanding advantage in transaction costs, helping sellers reduce 80% of transaction processing costs. online payment​.

NeoX Wallet

Sequence diagram of payment by NeoX Wallet

ATM/Credit Card

Sequence diagram of payment by ATM/Credit Card

Bank Transfer

Sequence diagram of payment by Bank Transfer

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