The services NeoX App provides include:

  • E-Wallet: Cashin, Cashout, Transfer, Payment.

  • Merchant Management: Manage payment transactions and store revenue.

1. E-Wallet

  • Cashin: A feature that allows users to cash in money from the linked bank to the e-wallet.

  • Cashout: A feature that allows users to cash out money from an e-wallet to a directly linked bank.

  • Transfer: A feature that allows allows e-wallet users to transfer money to each other.

  • Payment: A feature that allows users to pay for orders by NeoX wallet.

2. Merchant Management

  • Manage payment transactions: Merchant can manage payment transactions for orders on NeoX application, including: Transaction status, transaction amount and related information.

  • Store revenue: The feature of statistics and display of revenue charts per unit of time, helps Merchants have an overall view of their business situation.

  • Merchant Wallet Management: A feature that helps Merchant manage the matched revenue (deducted for refund transactions and refund fees).

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