NeoX - Leading Payment Partner

NeoX is a product of NeoPay – a joint stock company that operates mainly on mobile payment.​

We are an innovative fintech company established in 2021 with our focuses on payment and finance solutions. We offer all-in-one payment solution to merchants and enterprises in Vietnam or have businesses in Vietnam. ​

We cover 100% connection with banks and having integration for gateways, e-wallets with top 10 banks in Vietnam. Moreover, we have direct host-to-host with Cybersource and Mastercard Payment Gateway to accept credit cards such as Visa, Master, JCB, Amex...​

The license on payment intermediary services granted by the State Bank of Vietnam allow us to provide full services of payment gateway, e-wallet and collection and disbursement supports.

Key benifits

  • Increase in Revenue​: Effectively eliminate the cancelation rate and fake orders

  • Minimize operating cost​: Automate the payment process​

  • Simple registration​: Quick and easy integration​

  • Increase Brand Value​: And provide a secure payment​ experience to customers

  • A full-featered management tool: Easy-to-use dashboard both on desktop and phone.

  • We offer the most competitive fee for your business​: Free Integration service​ & Free System Maintenance​

Exclusive offer

  • Free Integration service

  • Free System Maintenance

  • Special Promotion

  • Reduction % in service fee for a specific period.

Our Complete Payment Ecosystem

  • Virtual Wallet​: Mobile payment processing that is designed to complement a physical wallet via a mobile phone. In addition, our wallet comes with a loyalty program that enable both consumers and merchants establish the long-term relationship.​

  • Digital Payment​: Our digital payment services allow merchants (traditional and online e-tailers) to collect money from their customers digitally and conveniently with account payment report at their fingertips.​

  • Financing​: We aim to provide financing to our merchant’s B2B customers to support their monthly capital needs and enable ease of doing business. We do this by integrating with multiple Fin-Tech platforms and open an alternative financial market place for financial institutions to participate.​

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